I grew up in a family that highly values meaningful cultural interactions. My mom often invited her high school and adult-aged English as a Second Language students to our home, so as long as I can remember I've been interacting with those from other countries who have difficulties speaking English. Every day I saw how my parents appreciated, not feared, other cultures.
As I get older and recognize the tensions that arise from cultural misunderstandings, travel represents for me an opportunity to educate myself.  It's the best way to see firsthand why cultures are the way they are, and to recognize that my "American" way is not the only way, nor is it always the best way.
I created these brief video collages to remember my perception of some of the places I was able to visit this summer. I hope these give viewers a little taste of the magic of travel and leave them wanting to experience these stunning places for themselves.
The conversation around sexual harassment starts with listening.